• The measurements below provide a guideline. It has been measured using a measuring tape on the inside of the belts from the smallest setting to the biggest.
  • Many lifters who wear a lever belt will take a deep breath in and pull their stomach in so they can fasten the belt more tightly. This makes it easier for them to push against the belt and create more support in their lifts. (Something to keep in mind when using a tape measure to determine the right size for you)
    • Example: In a relaxed position I measure around 80cm with a tape measure where I wear my belt – however because I have my belt tight to help me in my lifts, my belt is around 75cm done up so I wear a size small
  • Not everyone wears their belts in the same spot – however we recommend measuring around the torso just above the belly button. (The belt will need to fit under your ribcage but above the hip – please note this is much higher than where you would wear a normal belt!)
  • If you already know where you wear it – great! Measure around there.
  • Don’t see your size? Please email us and let us know – we will be doing more orders and expanding designs soon!

Refer to size chart below:

Belt Size CM
Small 64cm – 80cm
Medium 76cm – 94cm
Large 85cm – 100cm

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